Friday, 10 February 2017

Top 5 Cute Love Shayari in English

In this section we’ve compiled Cute Love Sms for Girlfriend Shayari in English, these magical words will bring a golden glow on her face. Just pick up Romantic Sms for Girlfriend, Tareef Shayari for Impress a Girl, Cute Love Shayari in English, Latest New Shayari in English,

Top 5 Cute Love Shayari in English

Love English Shayari

The day you fall in love with someone,
You think is the happiest day of your life,
But in actual you become the weakest person
Who can’t live without someone..!!

Take my eyes but let me see you,
Take my mind but let me think about you
Take my hand but let me touch you
But don’t try to take my heart
Because its already with you….!!

I never searched but I found you
I never asked but I have you
I never wished for anything but it come true
I just want to thank God
For Giving me such a lovely wife like you..!

To see you smile,
I will walk many a mile.
To hear you talk,
Hundred miles will I walk.
To touch your hand,
I will cross seven seas and land.
You are my love, life
And everything that I own. wife

Love is like a cloud, love is like a dream
Love is one word & every thing in between
Love is fairytale come true
Because i found love when I found you..!



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