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I Miss You Poems for Girlfriend in English for Her

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I Miss You Poems for Girlfriend in English for Her

1) Every time I start missing you
I rue about not being together
I try to pacify myself by thinking
That the worst is already over
But no matter what I do
Loneliness casts gloom and darkness
Like a raging and merciless tornado
It sucks away my life’s happiness
Just give me a hug and feel
My heart barely limping through
I’m not asking for a lot
All I need is you

2) There are moments when I feel delusional
There are times when I feel let down
There are days when I feel weak
Sometimes, my smiles are wiped off by frowns
Lost, dazed and confused, is what I feel
Almost like nursing a permanent flu
This is the state of my life right now
As I trip over how badly I’m missing you

3) My Facebook status right now is
I am sad and lonely
My latest WhatsApp status says
Come back to me quickly
My latest tweets shout out
I miss you very much
My Google Plus update is
I want your loving touch
You are aware of my feelings
And I know you are reading all this
So why don’t you do the right thing
Baby, come back and give me a kiss

4) How much I miss you
I simply cannot tell
It’s like, on me
You’ve cast a magic spell
Words are not enough
To convey my feelings
When you’re not around
Everything is irritating
I don’t know how much longer
I can keep going this way
Your hugs are all that my heart
Needs to go YAY
5) As miserable as life seems
When you’re not with me
I can’t help but smile
Thinking about how it’ll be
When we meet again
With long and silent hugs
All my worries will melt away
When you give me those tugs
Oh, what would I give
For that moment to come sooner
You have no idea, how I
Desperately crave to be together
I miss you

6) All my selfies are turning out to be pathetic
It’s like, the smile on my face has vanished
I can’t put up a facade, my smiles are gone
Because from my own life, I feel banished
Things have gone astray, I’m going crazy
Without you, things are not the same
For all the ups and downs, all the hoopla
I know, I am the only one to blame
But now I want to set things straight
I promise, I’ll make up for every little thing
I know you are disappointed and dejected
But please, give me a chance to begin
I miss you

7) I don’t know how you’re coping up
With being hundreds of miles away
But I feel like a star in the sky
Fading away, day after day
It’s been too long since
The last time we were together
Without you, life means nothing to me
It feels like everything is over
I miss you

8) So what if we just met
I still feel alone
Even a few hours apart
Makes my heart moan
Let’s start finding ways
In which we can be
Together all the time
I miss you, do you miss me?
9) I’m missing you now
I missed you before
I’ll keep missing you
My heart will go sore
It’s not my fault
What can I do
If I just can’t stop
Thinking about you
I feel like a lost puppy
Looking out for some TLC
In other words, I just
Want you to hug me

10) On the outside, I act
All macho and masculine
But I am broken
From deep within
At first sight, nothing
Seems to be wrong
But on introspection, my life
Feels like a sad song
Without you baby
Everything seems bleak
Come back soon
I’ve become very weak
I miss you

11) Your boyfriend is having a hissy fit
His heart is breaking bit by bit
You haven’t met him since a few days
Which is making him sad in many ways
He wants you to give him a hug
He also wants you to give him a kiss
Not tomorrow, but today
Hope you won’t disappoint, miss

12) Hey girl
I miss you so much
Hey sweetheart
I miss your sizzling touch
Hey baby
I miss looking at your face
Hey angel
I miss your embrace
Hey beautiful
I miss everything about you
When you get back
Lots of kisses will be due
13) I feel anxious and alone
I feel sad and restless
I feel irritated and annoyed
I feel deprived of happiness
All this and a lot worse
Is what I feel when we’re apart
From a deep red to a murky black
Has gone, the color of my heart
Missing you has created a void
Silent and painfully agonizing
When it comes to you
Baby, it’s all or nothing

14) Have you ever tasted
Tea without sugar
Have you ever tried
Bread without butter
Have you ever eaten
Chips without fish
You should try out this stuff
Is what I really wish
So that you come to know
What my life has become
Without you, I am
Incomplete and lonesome
I miss you

15) When I see other couples
Basking in love’s glory
I long for you to come back
So in my arms, you can just be
I get frustrated to no end
When I see them together
Because that’s when I realize
That you’re not here
I miss you

16) There is absolutely no limit
To how much I miss you
For describing that vacuum
Words are very few
I feel lonely and aghast
I feel broken and lost
By being away from you
I’m paying a heavy cost
The only thing that makes me
Glad, through this painful chaos
Is the realization that being away
From you, is my life’s biggest loss
17) Like a tree, withering away without rain
Like a bird, trapped mercilessly in a cage
Like a fish, doing circles in a tiny bowl
Like a tiger, chained and loathing in rage
Like a flower, dying under the harsh sun
Like a lake, drying up in a drought
This is how I feel from within
When I’m lost in your thoughts
I miss you

18) Baby, what can I do
I am so far from you
I don’t know what to say
I’m lost in these gloomy days
Without you by my side
Life feels like a nasty ride
It’s been so long, since I met you
I’m not sure if I’ll pull through
Help me, save me from this mess
Only your hugs, can ease out my stress

19) The worst day of my life
Is when you went overseas
I have desperately waited
Pleading, Come Back Please
Days have passed and become months
Almost a year has gone by
Just thinking about how long it’s been
Makes me feel like I want to cry
I miss you

20) These days, nothing seems enough
Everything seems heaving and tough
Even smiles don’t make sense
The mist in my eyes has become dense
Nothing I do, seems fun anymore
I keep feeling very sad and sore
It’s because, when you are not around
In shackles, life seems to be bound
I miss you
21) No one to call me at night
No one to hug me real tight
No one to caress my forehead
No one to say good night before bed
No one to give me a surprise or two
No one to understand me like you
No one to bring back my happiness
No one to bring light to my darkness

22) The day you told me that
You will be back, soon enough
I knew that life from then on
Was going to be tough
The day you went away
I began crumbling apart
The moment you said goodbye
In tears, has been my heart
I miss you

23) When any guy in the world
Says I Miss You to his sweetheart
He doesn’t mean it in the way
That I say, after we have been apart
Because right now I am
Shedding tears for my love
Drowning and suffering, feeling as if
All of hell just crashed from above
I miss you

24) I am sick of Skype
I am too bored to type
I am fed up with emails
Too much effort, it entails
I have lost interest
In sharing pictures on Pinterest
I am tired of the fuss
It takes to connect on G Plus
I am annoyed with WhatsApp
All I need, is you in my lap
I miss you
25) I miss your smile
I miss your voice
If I got to see you
I would rejoice
I miss your lips
I miss your kiss
The way it makes
My life full of bliss
I miss you face
I miss your eyes
I hated when we
Exchanged goodbyes
I miss you now
I missed you before
Please come back
My heart is sore
I miss you

26) The clouds have rolled up
In the horizon of my life
The day you went away
You left me nothing but strife
A thunderstorm is about to hit
I can feel it, I’m so blue
The only way to escape this calamity
Is to cuddle up with you

27) One, two
I miss you
Two, three
Do you miss me
Three, four
Life is a bore
Four, five
I don’t feel alive
Seven and eight
How much will you make me wait
Nine and ten
I’m pleading again

28) Not a day, not a week
Definitely not a fortnight
Even one second is too long
For you to be away from my sight
I just don’t know
What to say or what to do
Baby, come back to me
I am going crazy missing you

29) I’d be lonely after you went away
I knew from the very start
All my memories of you
I have captured in my heart
But memories are just not the same
As having you here in my arms
Come back to me baby
I wanna woo you with my charms
I feel helpless and miserable
With you not being around
Baby without you my life
Is going down, down, down
I miss you

30) I have been working hard
I have made many attempts
But I have failed miserably
For which I have contempt
I have been putting effort
I have taken a trial
But I haven’t succeeded
Maybe I am in denial
I have taken a crack
I have given it my best shot
But I just can’t stop thinking about you
Baby, I miss you a lot


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