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Birthday Poems for Sister Wishes

Wish your sister Happy Birthday with a sweet poem Wishes on facebook & Twitter More Social Sites, Share Happiness With Your Sister, your friends on Twitter or send it to your sister by writing it on a greeting card.
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1) We may be sisters by birth
But we are friends by heart
We may be family by default
But we have been bffs from the start
We may be siblings, without choice
But we chose to be much more
Wish you a happy birthday sis
I love you from the core

2) Even though
We always fight
Most of the times
You are right
Even though
We always argue
Most of the times
I am at fault and not you
Happy birthday sis

3) Dear sister…
It is hard to say how much I love you
You might not believe it especially since I fight with you
But no matter how much we quarrel, I still adore you
Even when we don’t speak to each other, I like you
For a lot of good things in my life
I am grateful to you
I hope one day you can see through into my heart
And realize how much I am fond of you
Happy birthday

4) Dear sister…
A like on Facebook
A tweet on Twitter
A pin on Pinterest
A share on Flickr
A sweet greeting card
A cute note
A funny speech
A heartfelt quote
All this and a lot more
Is what I will do
To wish a very
Happy birthday to you

5) A sister’s love
Is very funny
Sometimes it is
Sweet as honey
Sometimes it is
Bitter and sour
But it always has
A lot of power
Happy birthday

6) On your birthday, I want to say this
That you are reason my life is full of bliss
About you, I would never dis
On your birthday, I want to give you a hug and a kiss
And thank you for being more than just a sis
Happy birthday

7) Together, we share a room
Together, we let gossip bloom
Together, we look at the stars in the sky
Together, we laugh and cry
Together, we study and play
Together, let’s celebrate your birthday

8) You are my sunshine
You are my shadow
You know whenever
I am in sorrow
You are my star
You are my rainbow
I will never stop loving you
Not today, never tomorrow
Happy birthday sis,
Happy Birthday Whatsapp Status

9) A piece of my heart
A part of my family
A portion of my life
A slice of me
You have always been sis
And you will always be
I wish you a happy birthday
I love you sweetie

10) You have always been
My inspiration
Don’t ever stop giving me
A daily dose of motivation
I fall flat on my face
When I try to be like you
Maybe I should realize
Cool cats like you are few
Happy birthday sis

11) Sometimes we fight like angry cats who scratch
Sometimes we act as if we are the perfect match
Sometimes we laugh like there is no tomorrow
Sometimes we cry as if our lives are full of sorrow
Sometimes we love each other dearly
Sometimes we hate each other severely
Thanks for all these ups and downs
Without them I wouldn’t have learnt to smile and frown
I love you, is what I want to say
Wishing my dear sister a happy birthday

12) Dear sister…
As you grow old
As you mature
Different experiences
As you endure
As you become an adult
And take a bigger stride
For you I will have
Nothing but pride
Into the unknown future
Go boldly, have fun
If there is a winner
I want you to be the one
Happy birthday

13) You are so mature and always so sure
To all my life’s troubles, you always have a cure
To an elder sister, who is always so calm
Who could easily be my mom
Wishing you a day full of party and play
Wishing you a very happy birthday

14) Happy birthday to the sister
Who is now a teen
Who is also
The biggest drama queen
But always nice to me
And never mean
Without whom my life
Loses its sheen
I love her regardless of whether
She is twelve or thirteen

15) Every single secret of my life
In you I always confide
From you I have nothing to hide
You are just not my sister, you are my pride
Let’s celebrate your special day with joy and glee
Here’s a birthday wish to you from me

16) You are my sister
You are my sunshine
You are my life’s prize
You are my friend
You are my sweet buddy
You are all things nice
You are my joy
You are my bliss
You are my happiness
You are invaluable
You are precious
My sis, you are priceless
Happy birthday

17) A persona pristine
A face glittering with sheen
Hands full of care
A sister with whom I can share
Beautiful moments of life, rare and few
I wish a happy birthday to you

18) All the good times that we have shared
The joy and the pain
I will always remember
Nothing will go in vain
It will keep us together
And strengthen our bond
Happy birthday to my sis
Of whom I am so fond
Happy Birthday Status For Sister

19) The way you motivate me and help me out
Keeps me on my toes, up and about
The way you show me love and care
Shows me how important it is to share
The way you make sacrifices for me
Teaches me how from troubles, one should never flee
The way you are always there to give me a lift
Reminds me to get you an awesome birthday gift
Happy birthday

20) As one more year in your life goes by
Remember to be happy instead of heaving a sigh
Think about the things that you have to achieve
Don’t abandon the dreams you weave
In your life may you always have your way
Happy birthday to my dearest sister, for you I will always pray

21) A sister, like no other
A sister, better than a brother
A sister, so clever
A sister, problem solver
A sister, so loving
A sister, always caring
A sister, so sweet
A sister, my heart beat
Happy birthday

22) Happy birthday to my sister
Who is so unique
Without all your wise words
I would have been dull and weak
To have a sister like you
It feels so nice
It is a feeling of comfort
To come to you for advice
In your life
As you enter a new year
To each other, I hope
We always stay near
Happy birthday

23) We both are so different, my dear sister
So many times we have cried, after arguments so bitter
So many times we must have fought
Sometimes I wonder if we are sisters or not
But because we have been through tough things together
Our bond is stronger than ever
Happy birthday

24) I hate you when you act annoyingly
I love you when you behave supportively
This love-hate relationship of ours
Is more fragrant than any flower
All these smiles, laughter, arguments and bickering
I adore, whether it is morning or evening
I may be your little brother
But I am very protective of my older sister
So I want you to remember that regardless
Of how much we fight, being your bro gives me happiness
As you begin a life’s year new
Sis, I wish a very happy birthday to you
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25) Every day you seem to have
One more argument, one more fight
But even after all that
I love you with all my might
When you were small
You were a naughty little sister
Now you are a year older and tall
But you are no less of a twister
Happy birthday

26) Whenever you cannot seem to sleep
Whenever you need a shoulder to weep
Whenever you are in need
I will always come to your heed
You can count on me to blow your troubles away
To my sister, wishing you a very happy birthday

27) I once saw a genie to whom I said, hey mister
Do whatever you can, but give me the world’s best sister
To have a sibling like you, I always prayed
To this day, it has been the best wish I have ever made
The best thing to happen is that it came true
In you I have found the most awesome sister, happy birthday to you

28) When we were young
I wanted to
Share all my toys
And books with you
When you grew a little
I wanted to continue
To share my advice
And talk to you
You are my little sis
It will always be that way
I wish the best for you
Wish you a great birthday

29) You are my evergreen companion
Without you life is no fun
Because of you, I am what I am
Without you my life would have been a sham
To have a sister like you is a pleasure
You are my priceless treasure
Happy birthday

30) You are my older sister
For that I am glad
But what is more important
Is that you are the first friend I have ever had
Apart from the fact
That I would more closet space
Without you in my life
It would have been a maze
Happy birthday


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